Hey! welcome to my new website & gallery. Firstly, I am not going to pretend somebody else has written this. I am a stickler for detail, and wouldn’t trust anyone to miss something potentially fascinating about me! 

Seriously I have known myself a long time & feel I am perhaps best qualified for the task ahead; so here goes …

As a child I was not the most natural football player & found myself interested in art at an early age. I  loved to paint & draw until one day I came to the shocking conclusion I was rubbish at it.

Fortunately I was bought a camera for my 14th birthday. I sometimes imagine if my parents had never gave me a camera how my life would  of taken a different path? 

Photography opened my imagination & allowed me express & connect with this new world around me; I was hooked! ……

In retrospect I was rubbish at this too. Infact it wasn’t until I was lucky enough to help out at a local photographic studio at the age of 15, I began to understand the basics of photography.

I did this for free. Carrying bags, helping around the studio etc; it was a start …

When I left school at the ripe old age of 16 I hired part of a studio with one of the aforementioned photographers after their partnership had split up. I was hungry but short on knowledge.

I photographed ladies nights, officers parties etc & by the time I was nineteen had my own first studio. I had joined the Master Photographers Association & The British Institute Of Professional photography.

I became a student again & attended every workshop/ class/ talk & critique I could. In the background I read biographies of famous artists & photographers & basically became a visual sponge.

I slowly worked my way up through the various qualifications to achieve the highest accolade our industry can bestow; Fellowship at just twenty nine years old.

I was presented this at the House Of Commons along with others much older than me. Not bad for somebody who basically left school with one O level ….. In Art! 

My business grew. I traveled photographing all over the world. I had a cover of Tatler magazine. I won ten Kodak gold awards & achieved UK wedding photographer of the year.

Later I won The Millennium portrait competition Face 2000 & only recently was titled BIPP photographer of the year.. All of that said & done, I am only as good as my last wedding or portrait session.

Every time I pick up the camera my adrenaline flows & I am excited to make something special for my clients & ultimately make myself happy too; This is my art! …

Over the years Ive had the big studio, the house, the cars, the holidays, I have been very lucky indeed. However all of that is just “stuff” to worry about. My real success comes from my three lovely children & my darling wife Yvon.

I have down sized what I do, but feel more creative than ever. I only accept twenty weddings a year & about the same number of portrait sessions. This way I keep excited, fresh and have time for my family & my clients…

I have many hobbies. Obviously there is photography & art. I run & keep fit. I like walking (with a country pub on the end) Music is a passion & when I have time I like gardening & cooking too; all the good things really.

I have served on the qualifications panel in the UK many times & have judged the National awards also. This year will see me become President Of The Master Photographers Association a huge honour indeed. 

So if you are looking for a wedding coverage you will treasure forever or a portrait that melts you, give me a call. Its great to chat about your ideas & gives me a little break from my editing to boot! 

In the meantime do take a look around my site at the two galleries & blog entries. If you have any questions I wold love to hear from you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this self indulgent garble & I look forward to creating a mini masterpiece especially for you ……



President of The Master Photographers Association 2018

Twice UK Wedding Photographer of The Year

10 Kodak Gold Awards